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BSP generator and visualizer


The aim of my work is to introduce the BSP1-structure and its usage through my and others’ results especially on the field of game-development.
Though nowaday’s rapid improvement of videocards, it is still needed to build a complex structure in preprocess time, which can reduce the amount of run-time on different fields like visualisation and collision detection with reducing the amount of elements, which should be tested. The BSP is possibly the most common structure, which versions can be still found in different computer applications, especially in FPS2 games.
I start the document with the historical introduction. After a short overview of the theoretical basics, I explain how to build the BSP-structure automatically for a virtual world, and how it can be used to improve the speed of visualisation and collision detection. I introduce some extension of the basic method, that can be easily used to reduce the runtime of the applications.
I analyze the difference of the methods in the game-engine made by myself. There’s also an introduction of the methods and formats used in the applications. I give full details of the difficulties I met during the improvement and at last I mention the possibilities of the method’s improvement.

1 Binary Space Partitioning
2 First Person Shooter – a gametype, in which the user can play from the main character’s print of view

Download (DirectX needed)
Documentation (Hungarian)
Presentation (Hungarian)

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